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At Purple Giraffe we proudly uphold our mission statement of “Providing high quality online dictation services with a commitment to maintaining client satisfaction”.

  • Together we’ll discuss your requirements, the details of your project, the deadline and whether your transcription is to be strict verbatim* or intelligent verbatim** and whether or not proof reading is required.
  • Next we send you an email accepting your project and confirming with you the details agreed between us. We do require you to reply to the email which is your acceptance of the details.
  • Your project is now ready to commence and you send us your sound file, we download it and your document is accurately and speedily transcribed, proof read (if you choose this to be done) and returned to you, to your specifications and within the time frame agreed between you and Purple Giraffe.
  • It’s as easy as that with everybody happy!

* ums, ahs, false starts and sentence fillers included

** ums, ahs, false starts and sentence fillers excluded yet the context of the subject is maintained

NB: As an example, 10 minutes dictation equates to approximately 30 – 40 minutes (1 : 3-4) and the time taken to transcribe depends on the clarity and quality of the dictation. Hourly rates are GST exclusive and are based on the time the transcription takes and not the length of the dictation. Please see our “Handy Tips” for how your transcriptions will be completed quicker and more accurately.

For large projects it is requested that 25% of the projected quote be paid as a deposit before transcription is commenced.

Your transcriptions will be completed quicker and more accurately if the suggestions below are followed:

  • Background noise during recording is minimized.
  • Dictation is clear.
  • Where there are several people in a focus group or interview, as much as possible have only one person talking at a time (ie: eliminate over talking and interruptions) as this enables us to transcribe more of the content.
  • Have the recording equipment centrally placed so the voices of all participants are clear.
  • We encourage the use of your document templates as this ensures consistency of the preferred format for your documents.
  • Invoices are due for payment 14 days from the date of invoice.
  • Invoices are to be paid via internet banking and these details are on our invoice.
  • GST is additional to the hourly rate and to overseas clients GST is zero rated.

If you’re a fast and accurate typist and want to work flexible hours we welcome your interest in joining our team! Please send an email to with your contact details and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

“The work Trina returns is consistently second to none in terms of quality and timely delivery and she is certainly my first point of reference for each project we receive from our clients. Further to this, her cheerful disposition and willingness to go the extra mile to meet the client’s expectations ensure that I am more than happy to endorse and highly recommend Trina’s services to any prospective client”.

Julian Parkes, Project Manager, Transcript Divas UK

“Trina did a great job transcribing field tapes for our documentary – very efficient”.

William Grieve, Producer,
Big Pictures

“Trina, just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic work! I will definitely use you in the future, you make my job so much easier for being terrifically precise. Thanks for your hard work”.

Reina Webster-Iti
Freelance Film & TV Director

M: 021 987 949 or 00 64 21 987 949 (overseas)     E:     Skype: trinapurplegiraffe